Sunday, May 5, 2013

In Soviet Russia...

...Bad fashion wears you.

Here's a little shot of what happens when the Gimp and Magneto have a love child, and that love child grows up to join the communist party.

Comrade, you look FAB-ulous. No, no you really don't.

I don't have anything to say about the surrounding folks... except that ninja sure looks like he's in a hurry. Probably to get his points back for buying a Shinobi.

Sorry, still mad. "LIMTED" items should be, I dunno... LIMITED. Ok, better now.

Oh, and that handsome lowbie there in the first picture, with the matching clothes? He's hawt. Oh wait, he's me. See folks, once in a while I can have taste. It's just USUALLY bad.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Those are some HAWT shoulders honey...

Like 3000 degress hawt. 1

Seriously though, if you're going to get a suntan in Kingsmouth, you should expect a little supernatural sunburn. Looks like your shoulders got an extra heavy dose. You should have used Cthuluscreen.

For those curious about the mechanics - it's a Blood Magic talisman on the back that you can't see from the front. It gives off Linus-like smell lines of blood magic. Kind of creepy, and probably offputting even to Charlie Brown.


1) Yes, for those who stood in the long lines, 3000 degrees is indeed an Iron Man 3 reference. Go see it if you haven't. It's awesome. And as for Hawt - it's kind of an in joke. The source of this blog's inception is, which derives it's name from the "hawtpants" you could buy in SWG, which were really called Hot Pants.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Zombie Blood From the Club

Dude, I think a raver zombie exploded. On your face.

For the record - that guy was also wearing shorts.

Never mind that Madam Roget back there is wearing a corset like a pirate-wench wannabe while simultaneously pretending to be an old-time Romanian Gypsy Fortune Teller. I kind of like her character though... if you've ever lived in a small town, there's always somebody like her - bitter about people's condemnation yet deviating from that little miniature society's established norms. And I don't mean the fortune telling.

Self-perpetuating cycles are self-perpetuating?

It's fun rerolling and grabbing caps from the newbie area again. You see a lot more ranom fashion and a lot less Tron outfits. Seriously.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Well, yeah... it's been almost three months since I last updated this site. That's $3 I've spent and done nothing with, when I could have bought a coffee or something instead.

I've been busy.

Anyway, have a picture.

Bad fashion takes no holiday.

It just gets missed out on when there are no updates.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Are Bugs in Wearable Gear Called Moths?

I appear, along with lots of other people, to be having some rather severe issues with my starter deck outfits. Since I'm a relative newcomer to the game, and becasue I'm taking my sweet time moving through the zones, discovering things, solving puzzles, and just enjoying the atmosphere, I'm running in circles around the ability wheel. Every time I get AP, I put it into a first rung skill to meet a starter deck requirement. So far I've opened up all of them, starting with Maverick, Polarizer, and Haruspex. I like the Haruspex coat. It's sweet-looking, and you will see it in every photo of me here. I also love my bloody Innsmouth Academy sweatshirt.

The problem is, part of my Maverick uniform seems stuck to me. Not a big deal, since I'm still a newbie, and haven't had a chance to collect a whole heck of a lot of clothes yet. It's just when I try and put on my tacky starting clothes that things get messy. For one, I can't take off my white shirt. It stays on even though I've unequipped the deck uniform. My nice Tidy-Whities from the Polarizer deck appear just fine when I'm wearing that outfit, as does my whatever-the-heck you call that outfit the Haruspex gets... the one that looks like the 70s got drunk and threw up all over themselves. When I wear those and change back - no problem. Maverick - problem.

Interestingly enough I get bits and pieces of my starting shirt on top of the white shirt... almost like I'm wearing layers.

One does not simply wear layers in Kingsmouth.

Still. though, the outfits look good. If I could buy a cowboy hat seperately, I would, because the Maverick uniform would just look awesome with one. I know, you can get one questing or you can by the New West outfit... but 1200 points for a hat. No thanks.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

There Are No Words.

I finally saw somebody wearing the worst outfit in the world. Too bad it was in a scene that was, way too rapey to feel comfortable.Some part of me felt obligated to run over and help this poor woman, running through the woods nearly naked, being chased by a gang of bulbous, deformed cretins intent on harming her.
Then I realized that this is just a game, and this scene was so ridiculous that I had to cap and post it.
WHO THE HELL would run around the woods chasing the horrors of the netherworld wearing the "Eye-Boobs Bikini"??? It's no wonder she's running away - the mobs probably got one look at her and decided they were going to re-envision scenes from A Clockwork Orange. Or a less homo-erotic version of Deliverance, given the woodsy-ness and all. Or maybe they were just going to kill her for crimes against fashion and not violate her corpse. Because honestly, when I realized what she was wearing, I truly wanted to kill her for wearing that. Flag for PVP, please, flag...
Why would you wear this to hunt monsters?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Analytics Make Me Laugh

From the outrageously-funny-to-me department:

I was looking over my small stats on this blog, to see where I can improve visibilty and maybe gain a few more Avid Readers, and I saw the search terms that people clicked in Google to get to my site. One of them (the TOP search term at the time, in fact) made me laugh so hard I nearly peed. Well, ok, maybe not peed. But if I had been drinking, nose-soda would have commenced! That term:

"TSW Stripper Clothing"

I kid you not. Somebody was looking that up (good on ya!) and clicked on my website in the search results. I put the same term into Google, and blammo - who was the top non-advertisement site in the search results?  Yup, you're reading it.

I'm so proud I might weep a little. Ok, maybe not. But hey, apparently MMO strippers like my site.

Feel free to send me pictures.

Of your character! I mean sheesh... what did you think I meant?

Oh and Bing - screw you. I didn't even get a mention on the first page.